Every year
we select several cuvées
from the Vergisson terroir.


Cuvée Pouilly-Fuissé 'La Maréchaude'. If we had to dream of a vineyard, it would be of 'La Maréchaude'. It's ideally situated on a steep, south-faced slope which leads to the rock of Vergisson. When you scratch the many pebbles of either beige or pinky colour and the limestone fragments fossilized by its remote submarine past, you discover a dark ochre earth which remains tender even under the hot sunshine of the summer. Every year the maturity state of 'La Maréchaude' decides of the beginning of the harvest just before the grapes are getting too over-riped. The grapes are harvested by hand , collected in small cases and thrown directly into the pressing machine without a prior crushing. Then the grapes are pressed slowly in a very soft manner. The yielded fat juice will settle for about 24 hours and then be racked into oakwood barrels where they are meant to stay during a slow fermentation process , its lees being stirred regularly until the next summer.This cuvée will be "rename" Premier Cru "La Maréchaude".

'La Maréchaude' is long and persistant in the mouth, harmoniously balanced with very delicate white flowers aromas, a concerto of the best Chardonnay flavors, well structured and great complexity.

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